Compatible with Acadia Enclave Traverse


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Part Numbers20761339,20761344
SKU MM981810443
Core Charge
This part is still bolted to the vehicle. Please allow 3-5 days to process.
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Warranty and Terms


Unless noted otherwise on your invoice, our quality recycled parts are warranted for a period of no longer than 90 days from the date of purchase against failure. Electrical Items are warranted for 30 days.  This warranty is a parts exchange warranty only.  In the event of a defect promptly notify Elgin Super Auto Parts to make arrangements for a replacement item.   Elgin Super Auto Parts will not be responsible for customer misdiagnosis or  the purchase of items not needed and an In-store merchandise credit will be issued, less a 20% restocking fee, if returned and accepted within 7 days from the date of purchase.  Items must be in original purchased condition with all proper markings.   Warranty claims will not be honored without your original receipt. NO EXCEPTIONS. All special order items are exchange only and not returnable.  No credit will be issued for special order items. All warranty ‘s start from the date of sale on your invoice.

Other Details:

  • All body panels are guaranteed to fit the vehicle requested. There is no warranty on color or trim package.
  • Elgin Super Auto Parts is not responsible for delays due to shipping by other carriers.
  • No returns on electrical items.
  • Electrical items are warranted for a period of 30 days only.
  • Deposits on special orders are non refundable and void after 30 days.
  • Core deposits are not returned without the original receipt or after 30 days.
  • There are no credits on shipping charges.

This warranty does not include coverage for the cost of any labor or any other expense incurred by the purchaser.  These costs include, but are not limited to towing charges, loss of time, lost use of vehicle, inconvenience, lodging, telephone charges, car or truck rental, gaskets, seals, oil, filters and anti-freeze.  There is an optional Labor warranty available for an extra cost at time of purchase. 

Conditions that Void Warranty:

  • Installation of part(s) in any non-stock application (off-road racing, conversion, fleet or commercial application, etc.).
  • Altering or Dismantling of part(s) for any reason.
  • Improper installation or handling.
  • Warranty only applies to the purchaser shown on this invoice.


All engines are stamped and have a heat tab installed which has a center that will melt if the temperature exceeds 255 to 260 Fahrenheit. If this heat tab is melted the warranty is void. If your original engine failed due to overheating, Elgin Super Auto Parts strongly recommends that you remedy what caused it to fail, so that future engines will not be ruined.  Engine assemblies are sold as an Engine Block and Cylinder Head(s) only.   All bolted on accessories are left on the Engine Block for the possible customer convenience and are to be used at the purchaser’s option only and are not  warranted. We recommend that you refer to the vehicle manufacturers procedures before installing the engine.


Some automatic cars are equipped with a transmission computer. If your car has one you should have it reset to remove any fault codes from the previous defective transmission.  The following pre-installation maintenance must be performed to validate this warranty: Properly align torque converter. If the torque converter is not aligned properly it will damage the transmission immediately and void this warranty. Flush the transmission cooling lines & transmission cooler (usually integrated with radiator) to get metal shavings from previous bad transmission out of system. Check the transmission cooling lines for kinks or leaks.   Transmissions may have the filter removed to insure that a new one is installed. Failure to install a NEW transmission filter will void this warranty.  We recommend that you refer to the vehicle manufacturers procedures before installing the transmission.  On manual transmissions the warranty is 30 days from the purchase date and will only cover the bearings and synchronizers only.  We do not warranty broken gears.


Any warranty claim must be assigned a Return Merchandise Authorization Number (RMA#)  ANY merchandise shipped back to Elgin Super Auto Parts Inc., without a visible RMA# will not be accepted.



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